Support Your
Comfortable Life.

Support Your
Comfortable Life.


We, Concierge Voyage try to give the best service that foreigners staying in Japan can have confortable life.
We also support Japanese companies to get channels of global market.

Only clients who have been supported for a long time and those who have been introduced are available.

for Foreigners

Support for a comfortable life for foreigners living in Japan.
Bridge to transactions that can be convinced by both users and businesses with cross-cultural gaps. We have business tie-ups with various industries and respond to various requests.

  • Not good at Japanese and difficult to receive services and contract something
  • Looking for a house but no idea how to do
  • Being in trouble without knowing Japanese law well
  • No idea where to ask without knowing Japanese industries and services
  • No reliable Japanese people when in trouble

for Companies

Business support for a new sales channel

  • Being interested in overseas market but no staff can communicate in English
  • Difficult to respond when receiving inquiries from overseas
  • Would like help for arrangements and attendants when overseas clients visit Japan
  • Some staff are fluent in English but work is limited


  • CONCIERGE¥5,000~

    We have business tie-ups with various industries and will respond to various requests with safety and security at a reasonable price.

    • Support to purchase a car
    • Monthly rental car arrangement
    • Procurement of things you want or hard to find
    • To recommend hospital, school, and nursery service
    • To support when in trouble
  • VISA¥50,000~

    We will provide advice on collecting necessary documents, document preparation in cooperation with affiliated administrative scriveners.

    • Work VISA
    • Change status of residence
    • International marriage registration
    • Permission for non-qualification activities
  • RELOCATION¥30,000~

    Renting / buying property contract support, room search, preview, electric, gas and water service setting up, etc…

  • TAX REPORT¥30,000~

    There are many people who pay more taxes than necessary. Apply for overpaid tax return. Preparation of withholding tax and deductible payment certificate, support for final tax return preparation, tax office submission


    Contract cost ¥100,000~  Per month ¥40,000~

    Business support for a new sales channel.

    • E-mail corresponding
    • Arrangements and attendants for overseas visitor
    • Strategic support for expanding overseas sales channels


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